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Friday, October 14, 2011

Articles Of The Burn Fat Fast Blog

Burn Fat Fast: Articles Of The Burn Fat Fast Blog:

Some particular foods need more calories than they contain for the digestion process and this food list is ...

Hoodia Gordinii extract with the P57 molecule sends a non appetite message to the hypothalamus

All diets are hypocaloric. The benefict of these diets can only stay a few days

The cardiologist Arthur Agaston developped a way of eating against the cholesterol. But this one allows as well to lose weight

Remove foods with a high glycemic index.
Not to associate lipids and glucids or animal proteins and starchy foods

The Weight Watcher organization with its Point Plus Method is a real diet institition

This diet is the protal diet. Pro for the proteins and al for the vegetables

Why after 40 years old more and more women suffer from disorders of the food habits?

The glycemic index (G.I) allows to classify food according to post-prandiale glycemic answer (= rise in the rate of blood glucose which follows the food catch)

You will get here the definition of the glycemic index, the glycemic index range,
what are the advantages to eat foods with a low glicemic index and how to switch to low glycemic index food

Glycemic index or glycemic charge, which difference and which one to use

The table of glycemic index: Here divided into 5  group
The rule of use is simple. No limit for foods announced by the green color. Moderation for the orange color and to remove completely or exceptionally use these foods announced by the red color

The body water plays a role on the temperature of the body and feeding the cells in nutritive substance

With the balance of nowaday you can compare the body fat with the muscular mass and the level of water in the body

Distribution of the body fat, body water and the muscular mass compared to the weight of the body

the correct weight, the definition of the body mass index (B.M.I.), the body mass index range for men and women

what is the best diet according to the blood group O, A, B, AB by the Dr. JD Adamo

Is it engraves to jump a meal?, cretan diet:myth or reality, is it necessary to be wary of fat, differences between a dietician and a nutrionist

The sport help to lose weight? My diet is very contraining. which sports to choose ...

What is the pulsation of the hart? the impact of a deviant pulsation. What to do in case of a deviant pulsation

Merycism, the habit of chocolate, partial disorder of the feeding, compulsive nibbling

How to decrease the bad cholesterol (LDL) and the triglycerides.
How to improve the good cholesterol (HDL)

the food with saturated fat is our enemy. Therefore which kind of food to avoid

the best foods to reduce the bad cholesterol and the worst foods to avoid

the best way of cooking against the cholesterol

The 10 commands against the cholesterol

8 different sauces for fish and meat which are very low in cholesterol

Medecines against the cholesterol is not the ransom of glory

The breakfast, 4 types of sandwhiched coherent against the bad cholesterol, one week of menu

A list of recipes which are very low in the bad cholesterol (from Monday till Friday)

A list of recipes which are very low in the bad cholesterol (the weekend)
Recipes of desserts

The end of the desserts recipes and a menu for the christmas eve

6 questions to the doctor about the cholesterol

Stil 6 other questions to the doctor about the cholesterol

the essential advices allowing you apprehender without too much difficulties the daily life

what to do about these particular situations:
1. The aperitif or cocktail
2. The dinner with friends
3. The businesses lunch or dinner

A small guide of light products

What are the characteristics of a good method to lose weight (Part I)?

What are the characteristics of a good method to lose weight (Part II)?

Following the Thierry Souccar book the human being is not made up to consume dairy products

What really counts it is to know which is the percentage of the calories brought by the fat
compared to the total calories present in the milk

Certain plants can help the organes in their own activity

Here are 4 plants recognized to their favorable effects of the digestive process

the best plants to stimulate the sexual fonction: Cordyceps,tribulus, rhodiolia, macca, ashwaganda, ginseng, salsepareille

http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.com/2008/05/food-advices-and-what-is-it-necessary.html Part I
is iy necesssary to drink 1,5l of water per day?
Fiber should be eated?

http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.com/2008/05/food-advices-and-what-is-it-necessary_06.html Part II
To eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day?
Is it necessary to eat 3 to 4 dairy products per day?

Strawberries, advocados, kiwi, watermelon, plumps

Is it appropriate that fruit and vegetable do not protect from the cancer?

All the authors of diet will tend to claim that their program of weight loss is the best but ...

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Glycemic Index Or Glycemic Charge, Which Difference And Which One To Use?

Burn Fat Fast article: Glycemic Index Or Glycemic Charge, Which Difference And Which One To Use?

The considered glycemic index became highly famous intimate the municipal, distinctly inside the contract of the fat death, also if finally the purpose of glycemic index (G.I.) should inside all-purpose goal at the repairs of fitness. Other than because remember, whatever is the considered glycemic index or G.I.?

Additional single diet causes a secretion of insulin directly following its ingestion, additional its glycemic index is acknowledged because "high or tall ". There exist at the moment tables giving the G.I. (glycemic index) of the majority of diet. It is thought that the diet causing an index above 70 should troth ate and parsimony also to that the diet smaller than 50 is constructive to fitness.

Other than you undergo to get care; the glucose index inside blood is persuaded by the quality of the glycemic index of a exact diet other tha billboardditionally by the amount of glucids contained inside the ate bit of this diet. To eat a bit measure of a highly hyperglycemic diet will undergo less outcome on the glucose index inside the blood, than to consume a huge amount of a diet smaller inside glucids.

It is here that the considered glycemic commission is, which removes diary at the identical occasion of the glycemic index of a diet, other tha billboardditionally of the ate amount (average fat of a bit) also to the percentage of glucids contained inside the consuming bit.

The glycemic commission is therefore the product of the glycemic index also to of the amount of glucids contained inside a bit of diet, divided by 100.

Because case in point:
- Colorless bread (a bit of 30 gr.): G.I. = 70
Glycemic commission = 10

- Complete wheat bread (a bit of 30 gr.): G.I = 72
Glycemic commission = 8

- Irrigate melon (a bit of 120 gr.): G.I. = 72
Glycemic index= 5

- Dry grapes (a bit of 60 gr.): G.I. =64
Glycemic index = 28

- Brown rice (a bit of 150 gr.): G.I. = 76
Glycemic index = 29

The glycemic commission allows to predict the repercussion of the consumption of some diet will undercontinue the glycemia also to therefore on the insulin solution throughout a meal. It is probable to compute the glycemic ton of a meal by via some tables also to moment devoting each other to some calculations, you will agree and me that this is not the easiest attitude to structure a meal!

Additionally it is excellent to place inside viewpoint the value of the glycemic commission. Critical interviews taken out by the researchers of the University of Harvard showed that the fitness danger showed a correlation between the glycemic index also to the glycemic commission. These interviews confirm that the diet and costly glycemic index is less constructive because fitness than diet and weak glycemic index. Other than notice, moment checking out to consume totally a diet which brings a weak glycemic commission, there is a danger to outcome curtailing overly glucids inside all-purpose also to inside substituting each other by diet overly rich inside chubbiness, which could troth an misunderstanding.

Whatever actually counts inside a meal, this is not that it has a low glycemic commission as it is low inside glucids, but that it is rich inside glucidic diet and weak glycemic index.

Inside habit it is sufficient easily to confirm to preferably consume diet causing a G.I. that is smaller than 50 also to rather diet situated between 50 also to 70.

Because aspects diet causing a glycemic index above 70 they should troth ate by exclusion or inside tiny quantities!

Purpose the glycemic index to contrast diet of compared personality, purpose the glycemic commission if you comprehend that because a bit of diet, the G.I. is costly whereas its satisfied of glucids is weak.

You will discover the glycemic index table inside another article:
The Glycemic Index Table

And other articles concerning the glycemic index:

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Is It Appropriate That The Fruit And The Vegetables Do Not Protect From The Cancer ?

Burn Fat Fast article: Is It Appropriate That the Fruits and the Vegetable Do Not Protect From The Cancer ?
According to the outcome of another American epidemiological search, acknowledged by a team of public health of Harvard, the common consumption of fruit also to vegetables could brand it probable to crop the risks of cardiovascular affections but could protect by no suggests enjoys the cancer risks.

Because many occasions we are into filled delirious scientific pseudo ads, accepted another time and huge cries by everything the media. It is right that this interviews are frequently the fruit of specialist perform thought inside their self-discipline, but unluckily, the protocol or the scientific rigor, which should troth of environment inside this study, largely trees something to troth needed. Could troth this the study of advertisement also to stardom which could exerting these " scientists " concerning write the outcome hastily; interviews or of study, moment after a protocol d' the exploration imperfect or everything slightest contestable.
Because the relaxation, the consensus is distant to troth designed, also to plenty of are the scientific specialists also to different colleagues, not to confirm such these decisions; they do not argue each other conclude.
We published a small moment ago, it could troth probable, according to Dr. Richard Beliveau, Director of the molecular Laboratory of treatment of the Sacred Justine sanatorium, to crop at slightest 50% of cancer risks by eating a day some diet.

Here is an advice, which nonetheless contradicts totally the America search. Dr. Richard Beliveau is actually a highly convincing being.
Professor of biochemistry to the University of Quebec inside Montreal also to connected professor and the physiology specialty at the University of Montreal, he is additionally confronted a daylight and cases of cancers inside the context of his specialty inside the Sacred Justine sanatorium.

What believes almost Dr. Richard Beliveau?
This important expert factors grave collections on the outcome of this exploration. He valuations that the parameters of study are not correctly precise also to that the happened process achieves not get diary of plenty of highly critical issues, such because the outcome of synergy of diet, the condition of the diet (geographical cause also to method of custom of the diet affects largely its diet values). Because anyways the identical exploration achieves not get diary of the all-purpose culture of the things subjected to the exploration.

The judgment of Dr. Beliveau is that the epidemiological interviews appear overly all-purpose to complete because a constructive or null reason, fruit also to vegetables on cancer. You could consume some diet causing of the protective effects opposition cancer, but therefore inside addition you consume inside quantities; different diet plenty of less wise because fitness, it is some that the constructive diet loses plenty of its protective outcome.

Whatever we almost believe:
Everything the query might troth summarized and this: You consume additional poison or anti poison? The method inside healthy foods is to consume a food rich inside protective diet, such because the fruit also to vegetables. This should protect you enjoys the fatal effects of a casual consumption of diet or factors of pollution, person able to cause a cancer.
That person rather abundant enjoys the hints that a being could get down muck dishes also to follow a unreasonable culture to the laws of fitness, also to believe to consume a daylight broccoli, will place him unless enjoys many cancers or different conditions!

The detail of recognizing a protective behavior of cancer and some diet, and fruits also to vegetables, by Dr. Beliveau, is the rigorously scientific outcome of a look for taken out of method, also to as of constructive examination purchased inside a day habit and patients received of cancers.
It exists lately hundreds of interviews published on the protective effects of some diet, opposition cancer. The listing of these concerned foods lengthens each day. Other than because inside this earth nothing is highly colorless or highly black, the outcome of duality of Yin also to Yang, there will troth constantly negative interviews or voices to advance to contradict whatever is constructive.

Our judgment:
Allow us persist to follow a healthy method of living also to persist to frequently consume fruit also to vegetables of condition. Also allow us not hesitate to additionally consume diet nutrients also to supplements which will advance to strengthen the effects of a healthy diet. We guide out that it is not constantly simple, today to obtain diet of condition, also to that aggressions of the pollution of the surroundings obliges us to consume a bigger amount of protective factors. An amount is not constantly probable to discover inside main diet.

Other articles comcerning fruits:
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 Fruits which can favour your health and soul

Burn Fat Fast article: 5 Fruits Which Can Favour Your Health And Soul

Anything are your preferred fruits?
Strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, plum, additionally as avocado are encumbered additionally to a lot of fitness benefits. These fruits are immense for snacks throughout the daylight.

Summer is up about to happen additionally as additionally to that we are favorable additionally to an different of clean fruits additionally as vegetables. I intimacy fruits of the complete thing form. Strawberries, avocados, kiwi, watermelon, additionally as plums are among a lot of favorites as a lot of folks.

The fitness benefits of these five clean fruits are planned here.

Strawberries experience acceptable sources of fiber, extra vitamin than an orange, additionally as might quarrel usual blood sugar levels by competently wolfing solitary cup.
Strawberries additionally might crystalline out deadly toxin the blood, additionally as exclude tartar cherish teeth, additionally improve the attach.

Avocados find abundance of cancer brawling antioxidants. If you imagine they are encumbered additionally to plumpness afterward you are true, except the plumpness are mono unsaturated plumpness, which are fine as you plumpness.
Avocado has been exclude to assistance folks additionally to sexual drawbacks, analysis additionally to digestive additionally as circulatory drawback.

An avocado salad:
This is somewhat fine to blend slices of avocado additionally to smoked filet of hen.
You experience competently to cook a salad additionally to a fine dressing additionally as you add on it slices of avocado additionally as smoked fillet of hen additionally to for anyhow a few pine vegetation.
N.B. Modest trick to obtain out the life-size pit of the avocado. Cut the avocado 2 sequences additionally to a life-size knife. Afterward, smacked strongly the pit additionally to the rough neighboring of the knife additionally as in the interim you are able to obtain out the pit an trouble-free means.

Kiwi might analysis prune blood clotting, which might add to mind attacks. Two or three kiwi each daylight likened every each day treatment of an aspirin. Top of the complete thing, kiwi is the complete thing whole, additionally as bestows no neighboring-consequence.

Kiwi is additionally expensive fiber which helps protect cherish mind ailment, diabetes, additionally as colon cancer.
Kiwi is additionally detected as procedures counting on wheezing additionally as coughing.

Watermelon incorporates a fine agent of potassium, nutrients A additionally as C. Competently two meals of watermelon offers 18 milligrams of cancer-brawling antioxidant lycopene, extra than a middle-of-the-road tomato.

It is additionally informed to take watermelon at area temperature because they experience heaps of higher levels of antioxidants (beta-carotene additionally as lycopene) than those that take the refrigerator. They are still improved than lately picked melons. Tranquil watermelon a few hours previous scything additionally as helping because just the once hack, it should engagement refrigerated.

A fresh soup of watermelon and melon:
This is a cold soup with sweet wine with some small ball of 3 different melons and munt.
For the presentation, you can choose for 3 different colors. Red for the watermelon and yellow and white with 2 different sorts of melon.
N.B. To make perfect melon balls, the chef use a tool called a “Parisienne”. This is in fact a specific little spoon.
When the soup is ready, this one has to stay for a while (minimum 2 hours) in the fridge.

Plums appear a lot of assorted colors, additionally as offer a fine agent of vitamin C, A, B2, beta-carotene, additionally as potassium. Plums are additionally a immense agent of dietary fiber.
Plums analysis to prune additionally as protect the signal of freezing, flu, asthma, mind ailment, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, additionally as cancer. It additionally helps discern iron the body, additionally as a immense whole laxative.

Take conscious on these clean fruits additionally as eat themselves for regularly for you might. Certain of these fruits are tiny sizes, consequently wolfing two or three servings each daylight is potential. Healthy sub-conscious, healthy body, additionally as healthy energy will achieve a improved continuation.

Other Aticles Concerning The Best Fruits In Regard Of The Health:
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Which Is The Best Diet To Lose Weight?

Burn Fat Fast article:Which is the best diet to lose weight?

All the authors of diet would tend to claim that their program of weight loss is the best!
Personally I divide the opinion of the researchers of the University of Tufts which concluded that to have the most important success this is not the contents of the diet, but if this is what is appropriate for your temperament and your personality, that means a diet that you can follow without difficulties, without having the impression to make an effort or a sacrifice.

They studied 160 people during one year, who followed one of the 4 most popular diets: the diet of Dr. Ornish, of Dr. Atkins, the Zone of Barry Sears, and the Weight Watchers program. The goal of research was to determine the assiduity of the participants to follow the program. The rates of abandon (leave) over one year were the following:Ornish: 50%
Atkins: 48%
Zone: 35%
Weight Watchers: 35%

For the people who had the assiduity and continued the program on the complete year, the results were similar, it do not matter the followed diet, that is to say 25% of the participants lost 5% of their body weight and 10% lost more than 10% of their body weight.
The benefit on the parameters of cardiac health were also similar with a significant decrease of the bad cholesterol (LDL) and a reduction in the rate of insulin presents in blood.

These results indicate to us that finally these four diets allow to lose weight in so far as one follows the plan over one sufficient period of time.

Another study of the University of Missouri, in the United States consisted in lending a dog to each participant, in a case for 26 weeks, another case for 52 weeks.

The idea was to incite people to leave their house and to walk daily. Majority of the participants were not in good health and suffered of corpulence (fatness).

The results were the following: the participants who saw themselves entrusting the responsibility of a dog during 50 weeks lost on average 7 kilos (15,4 lbs), which is a result definitely higher than those obtained by the most known diets.

As regards the participants who lodged a dog during 26 weeks, they didn’t lose weight.

30 years ago of that, Doctor Jean-Pierre Desmets managed the Marcel Rouet Psycho-Center in Brussels. One applied a program based mainly on the mental control of the appetite. One also recommended to the patients to begin the program by a diet holding account from certain food combinations, without prohibition or limitation of food group. One used also a treatment using the capacity of essential oils.

The results obtained were spectacular and the Doctor Desmets described, twenty years ago of that, the complete program in a work which had been ordered for the US market and English speakers.

To return from there to the question of which is the best program of weight loss,I am return' in thus return to the conclusion of the study described at the beginning of this chronicle, the best program is that which you will be able to follow without constraints. That which corresponds to your temperament, a program which does not require a restrictive discipline of you and which you could find difficult to follow.
He does not believe much in the programs which put a too large emphase on the calculation of calories and limit allowed food. Its experiment in this field showed that it is not necessary to follow a mode of famine to lose weight, quite to the contrary. A good program will not be too restrictive, it will make it possible the person to eat with his hunger and to find his instinct of food favorable to health and the maintenance of a standard weight.
A good program will support the relaxation and the control of the stress, a large person in charge of the catch of weight, it will also support the movement and the exercise, but in a natural way and without that being an excess of efforts very often above the physical capacities and the mental will of the person seeking to lose weight.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Put An End To The Cholesterol Part XV

Burn Fat Fast Article: Put An End To The Cholesterol Without Any Medecine Part XV

Small Guide Of Light Products
Apart from butters and margarine’s already mentioned, we sought and tasted for you different light products sold in the supermarkets or in the retail shops.

We gathered them by families:
- Products accompanying an aperitif
- Frozen ready-made dishes
- Cheeses
- Nature dairy products
- Dairy products with fruits
- Sweetened biscuits

These lists don’t have the claim to be complete but they will guide your steps.
Than after that you have to seek new products.
And the motivation will be your main motor.

1. For the aperitif:
By accompanying a tomato juice raised by a celery salt; a little alcolized drink such as a good wine glass or a champagne flute.

You will serve:
- Small pancake of potato with only 10% of fat content
- Seame crusty with only 12% of fat content

You will be able to present:
- Various sort of olives: nature, with or without pit, filled with anchovies, filled with sweet peppers
- Different varieties of gherkins

You will prepare:
- Small toasts buttered with a fine layer of TAPENADE of green olive

2. Frozen ready-made dishes:
With a little time and patience, it will be relatively easy for you to unearth lighted dishes containing fish.

On the other hand, those meat dishes seem non-existent. Indeed, their preparation requires a fry mode of cooking what them excluded of our repertory.

Here thus some ideas of ready-made dishes has to be useful containing fish which you can get from the frozen echelon of your supermarket:
- Fish prepared with a Bordeaux sauce, only cooked with sunflower oil

- Fish cooked in a Provence manner which contains only olive oil
- Fish in a nicoise way with olive oil
- Pollack with tomatoes and pistou
- Salmon of Norway with fine herbs
- Grill of fish with tomatoes
- Sole or roasted limanda “à la provencal”

3. Cheese:
There are many lighted cheeses which contain only 30% of fat content.

Let us recall however that for you, the cheese consumption will not be episodically (one to twice by week).

cook, there exist various cheeses reduced to 25% fat contents 25% which you will use when a receipt requires it imperatively.

4. Natural dairy products:
That is to improve your breakfast or to make certain recipes, you will be able to use various completely skimmed milks.

Sour cream
There exist several varieties of liquid creams or thick cream reduced to 8% of fat content. It could be used with parsimony for the realization of certain recipes.

Essential components of your diet because they do not contain any fat contents and represent a considerable protein contribution.

You will consume them with your own way with or without aspartame. It will finish a a well balanced breakfast.

They will be used to prepare the sauces by replacing the sour cream. They will especially enable you to finish your meals, replacing at the same time the cheese and the dessert without the least effort of preparation!

5. Dairy products with fruits:
Yogurt with fruits
The same food values present of course as their nature brothers nature with an appreciable taste.

They are combined with CHERRY, with APRICOT, with PEACH, with GRAPE or VANILLA.


Fresh cheeses with fruits
They also exist with 0% fat content. They can be MOUSSE ON FRUITS, with PRUNES, with STRAWBERRIES, with FRUITS OF the MARKET.

You will also find fresh cheeses with vanilla with 0% fat content.

6. Sweetened biscuits
- Small dessert cakes reduced containing from 6 to 13% of fat content, aromatized with red fruits, apricots or prunes
- Little tuile (thin crisp cookie) with lemon
- Crusty with apricots and hazel nuts
- Crunching with chocolate

An idea of a little meal
- 5 small light biscuits
- 1 natural yoghourt with 0% fat content
- 1 cup of tea.

We repeat it, this small guide is only for you a starting point.
The commercial people is quite inventive and new light products appear each day.
This is up to you to discover them!

To know to choose what is good for you must be your daily habit.That will thus become a new dietary habit, synonymous of assiduity consequently of success.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Food Advices: And What Is It Necessary To Believe? Part II

Burn Fat Fast article:Burn Fat Fast article: Food Advices: And What Is It Necessary to Believe? Part II

To Eat 5 Fruit And Vegetables Per Day = TRUE
It is necessary indeed, on the whole, to eat 5 fruit and vegetables per day, but with the combination of two fruits and three vegetables.

"the fruits contain sugar", explains Damien Pauquet, nutritionist-dietitian. "There are people who eat six fruits per day and then which is astonished to getting fat, but it is completely normal: they absorb too much sugar.

For a matter of fact, if one pays attention to his weight, it is necessary to limit bananas and grapes, they are the most sweetened fruits. Then, if one consumes too many fruits and too many vegetables also besides, especially very believed, one is extremely likely to have problems with the intestines. And if one eats too many acid fruits, or certain vegetables as the asparagus’s, one will have problems of acidity: that for example will maintain a tendinitis, or will cause heartburn ".

For the rest, the watchword is varied. The ideal in the point of view of Damien Pauquet it is to vary the colors in the plate, because that means each time different properties. Yew is necessary to give to the honor leguminous plants like beans, chick-peas, broad beans..., rich in proteins and excellent for health. Lastly, not to eat anything and any time: the citrus fruits are exciting. One does not eat an orange the evening, nor of kiwi for example. They are fruits of the morning.

It Is Necessary To Eat 3 To 4 Dairy Products Per Day = FALSE
How many dairy produces is it necessary to consume per day to build (or preserve, according to its age) of good bone? With believing of them certain publicity, three to four dairy products per day, but in a moderate way ".

It is difficult to say because they are less proportional than the fruits and vegetables and that they contain various things such as fats. However one should not either exceed a certain caloric intake explains Dr. Nicolas Paquot. "the good message? In consuming each day, but in a moderate way ".

One thus will prefer the ½ skimmed milk than the full-cream milk, and this is quite better to choose for lighted cheeses. Because a cheese with firm paste is quite a true caloric bomb, even if it is rich in calcium. If the dairy produces are useful for health, it is for their contribution out of calcium and vitams D. It takes us each day of it +/- 1 gr.. (1,5 gr. during the pregnancy, the growth, people more than 65 years and the people with the osteo-articular risk), as 400 to 800 UI of vitamin D (both go hand in hand).

For example, a piece (40 gr..) of Saint-Paulin cheese covers 1/5 of our daily needs of calcium. The equivalent with the Parseman cheese covers more than one third. Useless thus to eat 4 portions under penalty of taking some weight (what is dangerous, even with good bones).

It Is Necessary To Drink 1 Wine Glass Per Day = TRUE
Everyone knows the dangers of an excessive alcohol consumption. But some people pretends that the daily consumption of 1 wine glass (even of two...) cannot make twists at the organism. A recent American study advises nevertheless to be limited to 6 or 7 wine glasses per week.

"That depends on various factors", answers Dr. Emmanuel Pinto (University Hospital Center of Liege). For people in good health, such a consumption appears to me indeed without danger. According to various studies, it would have even cardioprotective effects.

But in certain cases, the wine consumption is obviously to proscribe: pregnant woman, diseases...”

If the wine is strongly dis-advised during the pregnancy, it is that the effects of alcohol on the child are numerous: mental delay, malformation...

The nature of the invaluable beverage is of capital importance. The red wine, which contains more phenolic elements, offers more cardio protective qualities that the white wine. This one nevertheless remains much better for health than other alcoholic drinks (beers, spirits...).

To Take An Omega-3 Supplement = FALSE
The Omega-3 supplement (about which nobody had never intended to speak still a few years ago...) flower today on more and more on food which are enriched, and are declined into small pills in pharmacy and within the dietetic shop.

"Before to rush on the food supplements, you have to remember that eating varied and balanced is enough to provide all the necessary benefits", specifies Dr. Nicolas Paquot, diabetologist. "That wants to say to eat fatty fish of the cold seas (tuna, salmon, herring) per week". preferably fresh rather than from the a tin, which is a little fattier. Therefore, not need for additional supplements in Omega-6 (another essential fatty acid that the body does not produce itself, but which is drawn from food).

"the good daily relationship between Omega 3 and Omega 6 is one for five. However let us be we with for 30 even 40", explains the doctor. "Better is worth to consume less vegetable oils (groundnut, sunflower) and to turn to the olive oil, rich in Omega-9". Thus, all our requirements in Omega, good for the prevention of the diseases of the heart, will be filled.

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