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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Distribution of the Body Fat, Body Water and the Muscular Mass Compared To

Burn Fat Fast Article

Distribution of the Body Fat, Body Water and the Muscular Mass Compared To the Weight of the Body
( in %)

First off all, some comments:
- In this table, you can remark that the fat level of the women is higher than the men and there are quite physiological reasons for that.
- As well the level of the muscular mass nevertheless will decrease during the life. This is quite a negative point because a lower of the muscular mass will decrease the metabolism and therefore less calories will be burnt which favor the stock of the fat.
- These sort of balances with these information are quite relevant and give the opportunity to check what's going on with a particular diet. Why to make a diet and to lose weight if this is to lose more muscular mass than the fat.. All the hypo caloric diets have this problem. Some diets have a diuretic effect. The fact that your body mainly loses water is not at all the goal because you get it back later.

This why I recommend again the " Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle" program. A good way to increase your metabolism and therefore to burn more calories every day. Therefore visit this site: http://www.burnthefat.com/?hop=patbeaufay
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- Age: 12-18
. Fat: little: less than 8 , standard: 8-18, a lot: 18-24 , enormously: more than 24
. Water body: more than 63.5
. Muscular mass: less than 45
- Age: 18-30
. Fat: little: less than 8 , standard: 8-18 , a lot: 18-24 , enormously: more than 24
. Water body: more than 62.5
. Muscular mass: less than 45
- Age: 30-40
. Fat: little: less than 11 , standard: 11-20 , a lot: 20-26 , enormously: more than 26
. Water Body: more than 61
. Muscular mass: 43
- Age: 40-50
. Fat: little: less than 13 , standard: 13-22 , a lot: 22-28 , enormously: more than 28
. Body water: more than 60
. Muscular mass: 41
- Age: 50-60
. Fat: little: less than 15 , standard: 15-24, a lot: 24-30 , enormously: more than 30
. Body water: more than 59
. Muscular mass: 40
- Age: > 60
. Fat: little: less than 17 , standard: 17-26 , a lot: 26-34 , enormously: more than 34
. Body water: more than 58
. Muscular Mass: less than 40

- Age: 12-18
. Fat: little: less than 15 , standard: 15-25, a lot: 25-33 , enormously: more than 33
. Body water: more than 58.5
. Muscular mass: less than 40
- Age: 18-30
. Fat: little: less than 20, standard: 20-29 , a lot: 29-36 , enormously: more than 36
. Body water: more than 56
. Muscular mass: 40
- Age: 30-40
. Fat: little: less than 22 , standard: 22-31 , a lot: 31-38 , enormously: more than 38
. Body Water: more than 53
. Muscular mass: 39
- Age: 40-50
. Fat: little: less than 24, standard: 24-33 , a lot: 33-40 , enormously: > more than 40
. Body Water: more than 52
. Muscular mass: 38
- Age: 50-60
. Fat: little: less than 26 , standard: 26-35 , a lot: 35-42 , enormously: > more than 42
. Body water: more than 51
. Muscular mass: 36
- Age: > 60
. Fat: little: less than 28, standard: 28-37 , a lot: 37-47 , enormously: more than 47
. Body water: more than 50
. Muscular mass: less than 36

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