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Monday, March 19, 2007

Weight and fat percentage

Burn Fat Fast Article

Weight and fat percentage

The correct weight

The ideal weight for everyone differently and coincides with among others has been slaughtered, length and body construction. In combination with your length, however, the body mass index (BMI) can be calculated. These is spoken normally between 19 and 25.

The correct weight does not exist in fact, because weight does not say only everything. body construction, length, sex and age play also an important role. Moreover it is of course also this way that you must feel yourself well at a definite weight. At overweight there has been stored too much fat in the body. This happens when you have got down more calories over a longer time than you consumes. This extra energy is stored in the form of fat. To constant maintain the weight, women need per day average 2000 calories and men about 2500.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
It is well to know if you are too heavy, because in this way you can determine whether you have to lose weight to reach your healthy weight. A skilful help at fitting your appropriate weight is the BMI. Do you end up between 19 and 25? Then you are good. Higher imminently indicates an overweight and lower an underweight. Consider, however, that the BMI are overall appliance and that personal situations and factors can play a role. Your weight has been measured including clothing and shoes. The real BMI thus something will be lower than indicated.

BMI - Result - Advices
BMI: 14-19
Result: weight too low
Advice: Try to gain weight

BMI: 19-25
Result: Healthy weight
Advice: Very well, strive remain on weight

BMI: 25-30
Result: Weight too high
Advice: It is for your health better to lose weight

BMI: 30 and higher
Result: Overweighted
Advice: It is for your health inevitable to lose weight

The quality of the body percentage
The quality of the body fat is the proportion between your weight mass and the rest of your body. The quality of the body fat is much a better indication or we for our health must lose weight than our weight. Men have 25% more muscle tissues (and less fat) than women. Athletes generally have a lower fat content. Most of the people in our society have a high fat content. Moreover we need well fat. To regulate the body temperature and to protect the tissues and organs. Moreover, the fat is the important energie reserve of the body. For a good health the percentage by women cannot come under 14 and by men not under the 7%. As you become older, the body fat becomes generally also higher. That is not alarming if you have good BMI and sufficiently move.

Body Fat - Result - Advices
Men: 7-10% and Women: 14-17%
Result: Very low
Advice: Try to gain weight

Men: 10-13% and Women: 17-20%
Result: Low
Advice: You pay attention to not lose weight

Men: 13-17% and Women: 20-27%
Result: Average
Advice: Very well, you have a fat body that fits by an healthy body

Men: 17-25% and Women: 27-31%
Result: A bit too high
Advice: Acceptably, but it is better to lose weight a little bit

Men: > 25% and Women: > 31%
Result: Too high
Advice: It is for your health best to lose weight

If the value ends up for you on high, then it is better to lose weight. This goes the best under expert accompanying. Is your body fat something too high? Then it can be sufficient to train your train more your body and to convert the fat tissues in muscles.

To lose weight: The principle
To move and change the feeding pattern forms the basis to lose weight. Extra calories are stored in the form of fat reserves. To lose weight you have to take less energy than you consume.

Moderate effort
It is for the combustion of fat not really necessary to intensively move or to do sports. Quite the contrary! At exuberant exercise which you breath outside, there are used in proportion more sugars instead of fat. the bests is a moderate effort, where you can hold still a conversation. Make bicycles or a firm walk it’s very well. Choose in any case something where you have pleasure in, because moving can’t be a punishment. Do this five up to seven times per week. It helps to do this with someone else.

Justify eating
The more difficult to lose weight is to maintain. Varied and healthy eat are for this reason important. Alternation prevents that you stipulated feeding substances too a little and other get down too much. In any case daily bread, one not fat warm meal, two eat pieces fruit, two ounces vegetables and two or three glases dairy products (preferably skimmed melk). You can as well take two snacks (low calorie) per day.

A lot of liquid
During the fat loss it is important to drink much. Liquid ensures that the elimination of weight is done properly. Moreover the liquid fills your stomach.

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