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Friday, January 04, 2008

What are the characteristics of a good method to lose weight Part II

Burn Fat Fast article: What are the characteristics of a good method to lose weight Part II?

Benefit of the slimming

The benefit of the slimming are multiple and indisputable. Many wants to lose by hoping for an esthetic advantage.

Without falling into excesses, it should be recognized that this motivation legitimates to get back more harmonious body proportions is often very powerful. Channeled well, it can contribute to support the efforts necessary to the success of the mode.

The slimming is also accompanied by physical benefit important for health. Those appear even if the slimming is relatively modest. and well before the person did not reach a weight which one could considerer like normal. One has indeed known for a few years that the loss of 10 % of its initial weight makes it possible to a person in ponderal overload to enormously improve several indicators of its health:
The blood pressure decreases appreciably;
the sugar rate present in blood decreases by 50%; fat present in blood are also affected: total cholesterol decreases, just as bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol);
improvement of the respiratory function, in particular during the sleep;
reduction in the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension).
The quality of life in general, the regard of oneself and the psychological state improve.

The overweight or obesity can constitute serious obstacles with the social integration, in particular with the children and the teenagers. In the adult as, obesity returns the life in the society more difficult, as it is a question of obtaining an employment or simply of taking public transport.

Discriminations against the people in ponderal overload are obviously reprehensive. Their disappearance, so desirable is it, is perhaps still distant. While waiting, it is necessary to count with the number of the benefit of a slimming the improvement of the interpersonal relations in the society.

Importance of the pleasure

The pleasure is one of the great forces of nature. The satisfaction of the hunger and thirst is accompanied by pleasure. The pleasure of eating is one of the great joys of the life.

Certain experts of sciences of nature believe that the experiment of the pleasure is one of the essential factors which allowed certain species, like our, to survive during centuries and to develop.

When one wants to lose and engage in a long-term process which will require supported efforts, it is very important to facilitate the life and to agree all the possible pleasure. The pleasure must come in particular from food and the menus which one chooses. During a diet, the pleasure must also form part of a healthy food.

Alternation between hunger and satiety forms part of the food experiment of each one, and contributes to the pleasure of the food activity. The experiment of a light feeling of hunger at the beginning of meal is very pleasant and makes it possible to eat with appetite. During the meal, sensorial stimulation ensures the pleasure; the development of feelings of satiation causes also pleasure. The satiety which is established after a meal acts like a physical, internal, food consumption reward.

During a diet, it is important to preserve all the sources of the pleasure to eat.

In particular, it is essential to satisfy the hunger well, and thus to be sufficiently nourished. A too strict diet, at the painful origin of feelings of hungers, cannot be followed a long time in our society with food abundance. Same manner, a dull food which is as well insipid, without color, without surprised cannot provide motivation for the diet.

Consequently, to succeed in losing weight, it is necessary to integrate the pleasure of eating within the daily framework of the died. It will not be therefore a died without effort, but the effort will find its reward and its motivation in the pleasure.

In conclusion

The modern life supports the catch of weight by a too great food request and an excessive reduction of the physical activity.
To reverse this situation to find, or simply to preserve, a weight compatible with health is not easy.

It is thus necessary to take the orders and to choose its life style.

This book proposes several pleasant solutions with the daily problem of a food adapted to the desire to lose or maintain a reasonable weight. The philosophy of the Weight Watchers program put on simplicity, flexibility and the pleasure. They are there crucial elements of the success in very durable slimming.

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