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Friday, January 18, 2008

Glycemic Index Tables of Principal Foods

Burn Fat Fast Article: Glycemic Index Table Of The Principal Foods

The track seems to indicate that the way in the control of the carbohydrates. it is not a question however of applying a restrictive glucid diet, or carbohydrate, but rather of being ensured of the quality of those by giving the preference to the carbohydrates to weak glycemic index.

Many diets , of which most famous are: "Montignac diet" and "South Beach diet" are examples of diets based more or less on this principle.

What is a food with weak glycemic index?
More one food quickly causes an insulin secretion, after its ingestion, more its index glycemic is known as "high". There are now tables providing the glycemic index (G.I.) of the majority of foods. The basic index is 100 (measurement of the white bread). It is considered that the foods with a glycemic index above 70 should be consumed with parsimony and that the food lower than 50 is favorable to obtaining a weight health.

Tables of glycemic index:
Here divided into 5 tables.

The rule of use is simple. No limit for foods announced by the green color. Moderation for the orange color and to remove completely or exceptionally use these foods announced by the red color.

Vegetables and leguminous plants:
Aubergine: 15 Green
Cucumber: 15 Green
Celery: 15 Green
Cauliflower: 15 Green
Broccoli: 15 Green
Asparagus: 15 Green
Artichoke: 15 Green
Salads and lettuces: 15 Green
Green beans: 15 Green
Tomato: 15 Green
Zucchini: 15 Green
Spinach’s: 15 Green
Sweet peppers: 15 Green
Dry Peas: 22 Green
Lima peas: 32 Green
Tomato soup: 38 Green
Carrot: 39 Green
Chick-pea thin: 42 Green
Lentils soup thin: 44 Green
Pinto beans thin: 45 Green
Beans thin: 48 Green
Green peas: 48 Green
Kidney beans thin: 52 Green
Sweet potato: 54 Green
Beet: 64 Orange
Sweetened corn: 64 Orange
Black bean soup thin: 64 Orange
Peas soup 66 Orange
Fried potatoes: 76 Orange
Potato cooked in the oven: 80 Red
Potato puree: 90 Red
Ready-made potato puree: 95 Red

Cherry: 22 Green
Plum: 24 Green
Peach: 28 Green
Peach thin: 30 Green
Dry apricots: 31 Green
Pear: 36 Green
Apple juice: 41 Green
Grapes: 43 Green
Orange: 43 Green
Pineapple juice: 46 Green
Grapefruit juice: 48 Green
Kiwi: 52 Green
Natural orange juice: 52 Green
Banana: 53 Green
Concentrated orange juice: 57 Orange
Peach with syrup thin: 58 Orange
Apricot with syrup thin: 64 Orange
Pineapple: 66 Orange
Watermelon: 72 Orange
Dates: 103 Red

Dairy products or assimilated:
Lean natural yoghourt: 15 Green
Natural soy drink: 30 Green
Skimmed milk: 32 Green
Dairy ice cream: 61 Orange
Frozen tofu (dessert): 115 Red

Cereals and seeds:
Groundnut: 15 Green
Barley: 25 Green
Fettuccine: 32 Green
Spaghetti: 41 Green
All-bran cereals: 42 Green
Macaroni: 45 Green
Banana bread: 47 Green
Rice with long grain: 47 Green
Bulghur: 48 Green
Oats bread: 48 Green
Usually cocked barley groats: 49 Green
Tortellini with cheese: 50 Green
Special K cereals: 54 Green
Linguine: 55 Green
Oats biscuits: 55 Green
Popcorn: 55 Green
Muesli: 56 Orange
White rice: 56 Orange
Bread pita: 57 Orange
Cereals: 58 Orange
Muffin with bran flour: 60 Orange
Pizza: 60 Orange
Hamburger bread: 61 Orange
Macaroni with cheese: 64 Orange
Couscous: 65 Orange
Quick cocked barley groats: 65 Orange
Rye wafer: 65 Orange
Instantaneous barley groats: 66 Orange
Tacos: 68 Orange
Whole corn bread: 69 Orange
White bread: 70 Orange
Corn chips: 72 Orange
Wheat cream: 74 Orange
Frozen wafer: 76 Orange
Total cereals: 76 Orange
Vanilla wafer: 77 Orange
Pretzels: 81 Red
Rice Kris pies: 82 Red
Cornflakes: 84 Red
Instantaneous rice: 95 Red
French loaf (baguette) 103 Red

Sugar various:
Fructose: 20 Green
Black chocolate: 22 Green
Sugar: 65 Orange
Honey: 73 Orange

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