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Friday, May 16, 2008

Put An End To The Cholesterol Part XV

Burn Fat Fast Article: Put An End To The Cholesterol Without Any Medecine Part XV

Small Guide Of Light Products
Apart from butters and margarine’s already mentioned, we sought and tasted for you different light products sold in the supermarkets or in the retail shops.

We gathered them by families:
- Products accompanying an aperitif
- Frozen ready-made dishes
- Cheeses
- Nature dairy products
- Dairy products with fruits
- Sweetened biscuits

These lists don’t have the claim to be complete but they will guide your steps.
Than after that you have to seek new products.
And the motivation will be your main motor.

1. For the aperitif:
By accompanying a tomato juice raised by a celery salt; a little alcolized drink such as a good wine glass or a champagne flute.

You will serve:
- Small pancake of potato with only 10% of fat content
- Seame crusty with only 12% of fat content

You will be able to present:
- Various sort of olives: nature, with or without pit, filled with anchovies, filled with sweet peppers
- Different varieties of gherkins

You will prepare:
- Small toasts buttered with a fine layer of TAPENADE of green olive

2. Frozen ready-made dishes:
With a little time and patience, it will be relatively easy for you to unearth lighted dishes containing fish.

On the other hand, those meat dishes seem non-existent. Indeed, their preparation requires a fry mode of cooking what them excluded of our repertory.

Here thus some ideas of ready-made dishes has to be useful containing fish which you can get from the frozen echelon of your supermarket:
- Fish prepared with a Bordeaux sauce, only cooked with sunflower oil

- Fish cooked in a Provence manner which contains only olive oil
- Fish in a nicoise way with olive oil
- Pollack with tomatoes and pistou
- Salmon of Norway with fine herbs
- Grill of fish with tomatoes
- Sole or roasted limanda “à la provencal”

3. Cheese:
There are many lighted cheeses which contain only 30% of fat content.

Let us recall however that for you, the cheese consumption will not be episodically (one to twice by week).

cook, there exist various cheeses reduced to 25% fat contents 25% which you will use when a receipt requires it imperatively.

4. Natural dairy products:
That is to improve your breakfast or to make certain recipes, you will be able to use various completely skimmed milks.

Sour cream
There exist several varieties of liquid creams or thick cream reduced to 8% of fat content. It could be used with parsimony for the realization of certain recipes.

Essential components of your diet because they do not contain any fat contents and represent a considerable protein contribution.

You will consume them with your own way with or without aspartame. It will finish a a well balanced breakfast.

They will be used to prepare the sauces by replacing the sour cream. They will especially enable you to finish your meals, replacing at the same time the cheese and the dessert without the least effort of preparation!

5. Dairy products with fruits:
Yogurt with fruits
The same food values present of course as their nature brothers nature with an appreciable taste.

They are combined with CHERRY, with APRICOT, with PEACH, with GRAPE or VANILLA.


Fresh cheeses with fruits
They also exist with 0% fat content. They can be MOUSSE ON FRUITS, with PRUNES, with STRAWBERRIES, with FRUITS OF the MARKET.

You will also find fresh cheeses with vanilla with 0% fat content.

6. Sweetened biscuits
- Small dessert cakes reduced containing from 6 to 13% of fat content, aromatized with red fruits, apricots or prunes
- Little tuile (thin crisp cookie) with lemon
- Crusty with apricots and hazel nuts
- Crunching with chocolate

An idea of a little meal
- 5 small light biscuits
- 1 natural yoghourt with 0% fat content
- 1 cup of tea.

We repeat it, this small guide is only for you a starting point.
The commercial people is quite inventive and new light products appear each day.
This is up to you to discover them!

To know to choose what is good for you must be your daily habit.That will thus become a new dietary habit, synonymous of assiduity consequently of success.

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