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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Put an end to the Cholesterol Part III

Burn Fat Fast article: Put An End To The Cholesterol Without Any Medecine Part III

Is the wine your enemy?
It was indeed shown that with moderate amount all the wines exert an analogue role with that of small quantities of aspirin by being opposed to the development of blood stones.

A specificity of the red wines:
Thanks to the scientists, we know today that they contain certain substances able to decrease in a considerable way the rate of cholesterol. Good news! But watch out... the various studies undertaken on this subject showed that beneficial daily consumption is in a fork from one to three glasses... never more!

Here is the list of the food which contains bad fats:
Butter, cheese, bacon, lard, sausages, black roll, pâté, sausage, pig meat, lamb, sheep, beef.

Here is the list of foods containing good fats:
Olive oil, grape pips oil, oil of colza, corn oil, soya oil, fatty fish, lightened butter, vegetable margarine, margarine rich in sterols.

An observation: certain readers could be astonished by this predilection for the olive oil, knowing that it is very caloric. A spoon of olive oil is not richer in calorie than a spoon of sour cream or a little peace of butter or a very small square of chocolate! But on the other hand, it is necessary to have in mind that the olive oil is an anti-cholesterol fat, contrary to the sour cream, butter or the chocolate!

False friends of cholesterol:
Oyster, egg yolk, lobster, crab, shrimp, liver, calf sweetbread, therefore all meat offal (organs), brain. But these foods are very good for a diet.

The cholesterol black list:
Brain, meat offal, cheese, butter and cream.

Your mode of cooking: To proscribe:
1. Stew cooking:
Used to cook the fattiest meats, it is a method incompatible with your diet.

2. Braise cooking( in French: braisage): it consists in seizing a meat, a fish or a vegetable in fat before cooking with small fire in a small quantity of liquid. Exceptionally, this method can be used while seizing in the vegetable margarine (a margarine made for that).

3. Fry cooking: this process which consists in plunging the food in an ebullient oil bath is completely proscribed.

To use daily:
realized in an oven on grill position, an anti-adhesive pan, a grill on the table or a barbecue.
Advantages: one does not use added fat and fats are eliminated while falling under the grill. The anti-adhesive pan will be used for the lean meats and fish.

2. Cooking with vapour: it consists in placing food in a flat-bottomed container perforated above a source of steam.
Advantages: no fat is used. Can relate to all vegetables, fish, rice and fruits. A double superposition makes it possible simultaneously to cook food and their garnishing.

3. Cooking with water (to boil): this mode of cooking consists in placing food in a container full of water which one will make boil the time of cooking.
Advantages: can be used for the cooking of all the vegetables, pasta, rice, many meats and all fish. You can add a little olive oil for the pasta. This method requires artifices to overcome the insipidity: rich court-bouillon for fish and preparation of a sauce accompanying the dish.

4. Cooking in pressure-cooker: the food is cooked in very little water at high temperature (till 120 degree Celsius) in closed hermetic environment. This is the steam oven of the second generation.
Advantages: saving of time and energy, no need for fat, can be used for all kind of food except the pasta.

5. To braise (in French: cuire à l’étouffée) or in a tagine: this mode of cooking consists in placing varied foods in a bowl closed by its cover, on fire or in the oven at small temperature.
Advantages: no fat content. Allows to execute varied receipts by marinating meats and vegetables. That requires to well know times of cooking.

P.S. Sorry for the purist but to braise in English has two different meanings

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Put an end to the Cholesterol Part II

Burn Fat Fast article: Put an end to the Cholesterol Without Any MedecinePart II

How to reduce your cholesterol level in a good way. Certain foods are good for a diet but a few of these foods are very bad for your cholesterol. What sort of modes of cooking you have to privilege. These 2nd article will talk about: fish is negleted and meat with his fat material.

Fish is neglected. Is this the tradition Judeo-Christian which makes that one consumed fish that Friday? Is this a problem of sometimes odor or freshness slandered? Is this the price?

It is undoubtedly the meeting of these factors which explains this lack of passion for the fishery products. And yet, the fish possesses an exceptional food value, being as rich in proteins as the meat but containing only fats of excellent quality.
If the thin fishes are of course very good for your diet, it is entirely the same for fatty fishes however more caloric.

Besides that we know for a long time that the Eskimos, large-scale consumers of fish fats (representing most clearly of their food), presents very few cardiovascular diseases!

Is this paradoxical? Of course not! It is important to remember you the protective role of highly unsaturated fats. It is the case of fish fat. It is high time to give again with the fishery products their letters of nobility.

We highly advise you to consume three times per week at least of them. And much more if you like!

Of course, certain gourmets will claim that it is the sauce which makes eat fish!. It is undoubtedly exact. But there are well several light sauce receipts being able to accompany fish.

Sea food:
Watch out, if all the fish are your friends, it is not of same for certain sea foods very rich in cholesterol, and thus to prevent if you suffer from this lipid excesses. They are on the other hand completely recommended for a diet.

Here is a list indicating to you the products of the sea richest in cholesterol (content cholesterol for 100 grams of flesh): fish eggs: 300mg, oysters: 110 till 330 mg depending (according to the season), lobster: 200 mg, crabs: 150 mg, mussels: 150 mg, shrimps: 140 mg.

Meat and fat material:
They are the muscles of the animals which one consumes. One distinguishes the white meats (poultry, calf, pig) and the red meats (sheep, ox).
The quantity of fat contained in the meat depends on the species. The white meats are thin and the red meats are fatty.
An exception relates to the pig, white meat considered fatty, but whose mode of breeding is important. If the animal is nourished with corn, the fat contents will be of better quality.
Certain meat fats can be eliminated easily after cooking. To eliminate the fat on the surface, it is enough to withdraw the skin.

If the meat contains slices of bacon, one must also eliminate the flux of fat distributed in and around the piece.

On the other hand, the fat of a spotted meat cannot be removed. Therefore, you cannot consume any.

Among the red meats, the sheep is fattiest.

This list indicates the percentage of fat and cholesterol of the principal meats ( in order: Meat, Fats in % and cholesterol in mg/100g): Horse: 2 and 0, Poultry: 10 and 90, Calf: 10 and 65, Beef: 20 and 100, Sheep: 25 and 70, Pork: 25 till 30 and 90.

The horse, price of excellence:
Whereas in the Fifties and in France or Belgium (where I live), the meat of horse was of regular consumption, gladly proposed to the children, we currently observe almost the disappearance of the horse meat butcher's.
It is time to give again with the equine meat the place which returns to him, namely that of a food of excellent food value, very rich in proteins, almost deprived of fat, therefore completely recommended at the time of a diet against the cholesterol.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Put an end to the Cholesterol Part I

Burn Fat Fast Article: Put An End To The Cholesterol Without Any Medecine Part I

Fundamental rules:
Two types of foods have to be well known: the saturated fat and the foods rich in cholesterol. The saturated fat is your principal enemy. They relate to primarily animal fat (solid at ambient temperature) with an exclusion with the fish fat. But sea food has a huge level of cholesterol. Sea food is good for a diet but not for people affected by the cholesterol. What a paradox!

The practice:
Used fats are vegetables and are useful for cooking or accompanying foods (olive oil, grape pips oil, vegetable margarine).
The dairy products which you consume without restriction will be always with a very low fat level. The regular milk contains animal fats. Therefore, you only can consume skimmed milk. And the light cheeses have to be consumed with moderation.
Bread, pasta, rice, fruits and vegetables can be consumed without moderation.
White meats (with an exception with the pork) and fishes are the best friends.
A place of choice is reserved with the apple rich in pectin whose regular consumption cause a drop in cholesterol.
It is the same with the red wine. With moderated consumption (two daily glasses), it contributes to the reduction of the cholesterol.
Certain modes of cooking must be privileged (will be discussed in a future article).
A diet with your doctor must be checked and monitored, especially in the beginning. We advice you to meet your doctor at least once a month.
These regular visits have two essential goals. First of all, you have to control your results.
You must make sure that the objectives to reach were obtained. With the control of your weight, you have to use all the time the same balance and if possible at the same time. You have to make a blood test at the end of two, four and six months.
Secondly, you will be better informed. You can put to your doctor all the questions which will not fail to be binding on you and and thus to make preciser certain particular points in connection with your own personality.
In the event of insufficient results the doctor will ask you to fill a book or a notebook on which you will note each day the exact composition of all your meals. By reading this document, your doctor will be able to correct the large or small errors which you sometimes have done unconsciously.

Lightened butter and margarine:
The regular butter is very rich in cholesterol (250mg for 100 grams). In comparison, a fish contains ten times less cholesterol. Also lightened butters with 41% fat initially appeared and at present with only 25% fat. Thus, that contains four times less animal fat and cholesterol.
The margarine consists of a homogeneous mixture (blending) of fat and water. One calls that an emulsion. It is clear that the margarine’s manufactured from animal fat are contra-indicated in your diet. Their only interest is their attractive price. The vegetable margarine is much healthier, easy to spread out on a piece of bread but there are more expensive.

A little revolution: The recent arrival on the market in margarine's enriched with vegetable sterols represents a considerable progress in the field of fight against cholesterol. Indeed, these sterols are supposed to reduce the rate of bad cholesterol, cholesterol LDL. The manufacturers announces a fall from 10 to 15% of the cholesterol LDL for a daily consumption of 20 grams of the product for one month within the framework of a well followed diet.
More info about how you can end up with your cholesterol will be presented in the next articles with these subjects: fishes and sea foods, meats and fat materials, is the wine your enemy, 3 lists (good fats and the bad fats, false friends of the cholesterol's and the black list of the foods very rich in cholesterol), best modes of cooking, An enemy not to be underestimated: sugar, ten rules to follow, test your future level of cholesterol with a list of questions, the eight sauces accompanying the meats and fishes, medicine against cholesterol is not the ransom of glory, the sport: an essential complement with your sport), Breakfast, One week of menu, Desserts and Receipts of Christmas eve.

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