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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Interest of the glycemic index !!!

Burn Fat Fast Article: Interest of the glycemic index !!!

The glycemic index (G.I.) allows to classify food according to post-prandiale glycemic answer (= rise in the rate of blood glucose which follows the food catch), in comparison with a food of reference which is generally the starch of the white bread or glucose. To measure the glycemic index, one makes consume food to be tested by a group of subjects fasting since the day before, the portion of the food-test having to contain 50 G of glucids available. The glycemia of the subjects is then measured regularly during the 2 hours which follow the ingestion of the food-test.

For the same food, there are variations according to studies, but a good coherence of the results is in general observed. In certain cases however, the variations are important, which is explained by the technological treatments undergone by food: indeed, if one takes the example of the starch of cereals, one observes that the more the size of the food particle (cereal grain ground) decreases and the more the glycemic index increases. In the same way, during the industrial treatment of food, the pre-cooking, which involves a gelatinization of the starch, improves its digestibility and, consequently, raises its glycemic index. In addition, the different sort of cereals are also responsible for variations of the G.I., since the starch can be more or less rich in amylose according to cases.

The knowledge of the G.I. (glycemic index) of a food makes it possible to adapt the food choices according to the needs for an individual, who they are those diabetics or the sports men.Concerning the sport men, one observes a cover of the energy needs more lengthened in time when the sporting effort low follows a meal to glycemic index (like pasta) compared to a meal to high glycemic index (like potatoes). Conversely, they are the food with high index glycemic which supports recreate glycogen after the effort.

It will be also noted that the food with weak index glycemic satisfies better than those whose index glycemic is high, underlining the interest of an enlightened choice making it possible to avoid the early appearance of the hunger, in particular at the obese subjects.
Lastly, one will relative underline the preventive interest of food with weak G.I. with the cardiovascular diseases and the diabetes of the type 2. Contrary, the risks of appearance of a Not Insuline dependent Diabetes = diabetes of the type 2) are important at the subjects which consume many food with raised index glycemic, those inducing a insuline resistance indeed. However, contrary to the beliefs which circulate for a long time, the starchy foods (rich foods in starch) do not have necessarily an index glycemic low than food sweetened like the sweetened fruits or yoghurt's, which contain simple sugars. That is primarily due to the industrial treatments undergone by these "modern" starchy foods.

If it is interesting to know the index glycemic of a food, it should not be forgotten that with the course a meal, the food is mixed, this which affects the glycemic index of the meal, since the proteins, the lipids and the fibers decrease this one. Moreover, as one has just mentioned the fact that the presence of the lipids in food lowers the index glycemic of this one, it results from this that all the food having a weak index glycemic therefore is not recommended if they are in addition rich in lipids.

Moreover, it is advisable to bring back this knowledge to the practice. Thus, even if the water melon has an index glycemic raised (72) (1), one will notice that to absorb 50 G of glucids available, it is necessary all the same to introduce 769 grams of water melon without pit, which is not the case tous.les.jours! In comparison, with their index glycemic of 77 (1), and their 87,6 grams of glucids available to 100 G (2), it is enough to 57 grams cornflakes to reach 50 G of glucids available! It is thus clear that it is to better control its consumption of cornflakes rather than its water melon consumption... because the water melon not containing that a weak glucid rate is not a hyperglysemic food in spite of its high glycemic index (G.I.) One sees thus that concept of index glycemic is useful, but that it is also complex insofar as its use requires to also hold account of the content of lipids and glucids of food, as well as composition of the meal.

Another Articles On The Glycemic Index:

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Anorexia, bulimia: these disorders appears after 40 years

Burn Fat Fast Article

Anorexia, bulimia: these disorders appear also after 40 years

The disorders of the food habits, like the anorexia or the bulimia, are not any prerogative of the teenagers. They more and more often appear as from 40 years, even more tardily. Excessive anxiety of the physical aspect, morbid fear to take weight or to grow old? It does not matter. What is needed is to deal with these disease and to break the resistances ….

Why after 40 years old more and more women suffer from disorders of the food habits?

Can a part of the answer be in the sociocultural pression which weight on the women: go without food, worship of the thinnes, and so on. Thus, some resistances are created against the mourning of the youth, the physical seduction and the reproduction. The women suffering from these disorders are in perpetual painful competition with former generations and lay down objectives of control and covertion of their body which are not at all impractible. In other words, these patients have hard difficulties to cross the different stages of the life., by accepting the inevitable physical evolution which accompanies them.

Which symptoms?

Each age: frank modification of the weight, repeated diets, provocation of vomiting.
More often as from 40 years old: exessive preoccupation of the physical aspect, distortion of the image of the body, morbid fear to take weight and to grow older, the use of pills to lose weight, practise of an intensive sport, headaches, gastro-intestinal disorders.

Denying in a flagrant way

Often unknow, this troubles of the food conduits are not always dealt with. It is besides generally the entourage, the spouse or the daughter, who are anxious in front of this progressive slimming or the practice of an intense sport.
Indeed, in the teenager age and in the fourty age old, these women in suffering are denying their disorders and resist to the assumption of responsibility.

This one has to be multydisciplined: restoration of the nutritional balance with a nutrionnist and restoration of an objective image of the body, with the accomplishment of a goal with a reasonable and realistic weight, in collaboration with a psychotherapist. This one makes it possible to the patients to make essential mournings to live in good intelligence with a body which doen not cease changing with time.

The nutrional approach has to be completed by a cognito-behavioral approach who are intended to correct the noxious practices and the subjects of dysfonctionanel thoughts.

It is also essential to rectify the misconceived believes on the dietetics and the physiology: catch of weight with the age, modification linked with the menopause, risk of excessive thinness, and so on.

The practice of the relaxation can participate to the conciliation of the body image

The Fat and Feed the Muscle” Program (B.F.F.M.):
The B.F.F.M. program developed by Tom Venuto is not at all a hypocaloric diet. All the hypocaloric diets decrease the metabolism of the human body what has for effect to burn less calories. As soon as a food is normaly taken again the resumption of weight is fast for the scientific reason explained before.

On the other hand the "Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle" program is rather a manner of life and a balanced mode of food which increases the metabolism. Therefore, each day more calories are burned.

For more information, I invite you to consult my burn the fat site:

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Hyperproteinic Diet of Pierre Dunkan

Burn Fat Fast Article: The Hyperproteinic Diet Of The Nutritionist Pierre Dunkan

There are rumors on the Web that Kate Middeton has chosen for the Dr. Pierre Dunkan diet

Biography of the Nutritionist Pierre Dunkan:
Dr. Pierre Dunkan
is a nutritionist for more than 30 years. He has been from now known for his revolutionary diets. Specialized in the psychology of the food behavior like in nutritional rehabilitation, he wrote many handbooks on the diets since 1970.
For once a doctor is not obsessed by the thinness and preaches the roundness's in his book ' les hommes préférent les rondes (the Men prefer the buxom women)'. It is an anthem with the woman, a work able to give again the moral one the most coated with among us. In his study 'je ne sais pas maigrir (I do not know how to lose weight)', it proposes four phases, of the active phase to the phase of stabilization, with an immediate result but also on a long term.
Today, it always succeeds in alluring the women thanks to its nutritional advices, its good mood and its optimism. True in love with the fair sex.

This diet is based on the absorption on pure proteins. It is an hyper protein diet based on the food consumption followed from one period of consolidation avoiding the yo yo effect.

It includes 4 phases which leads to a total stabilization of the wished weight:

Phase 1: Phase of attack
During this phase only a food list precise is authorized and that in unlimited quantities.
5,7, or 10 days during which one eats only animal proteins:
- Lean Meat: calf, Ox (except
- Meat offal's: liver, kidney, language of ox an calf (the point)
- All fish fatty, thin,, white, blue, believed or cocked
- All seafood (shells and crustaceans)
- All poultry's except the duck and without the skin
- Thin turkey of chicken and thin thin pig
- Eggs
- Thin diary produces
- 1,5 of liquid (not salt water): coca light for example, water …
- coffee, tea, vinegar, spice, condiment, pickle, lemon (not from drink), salt, mustard, with moderation

Phase 2: Phase of cruising (An alternative proteins diet)One preserves all the authorized food from the phase 1 and one adds raw of cooked vegetables (except feculents), without restriction of quantity, mix or schedules.

During this phase , one makes alternate the periods: periods with pure proteins and periods with proteins and vegetable until the wished weight is reached.

The period of alternation most often practiced for loss more than 10 kilos is 5/5 is 5 days of proteins only then 5 days of proteins and vegetables and that in alternation until to reach the ideal weight fixed before.

Phase 3: Consolidation phaseWhen the wished weight os obtained, one approaches this phase 3. its 10 days by lost kilo
Example: 20 kg lost, 200 days of consolidation.

During all the period of consolidation, it is important to follow truly the following diet. You will have right to:

- The food with proteins from the phase 1
- The vegetables from the phase 2
- 1 portion of fruit per day, except bananas, cherries and grapes
- 2 slices of wholewheat bread per day
- 40 g matured (ripe) chess
- 2 portions of starchy food per week
- leg of lamb or roti of pork in the fillet

More than 2 meals of official receptions per week

but in a way impossible to circumvent, and imperative, 1 day of pure proteins per week.

Phase 4: Stabilization
Consists of 1 day with pure proteins and with more traditional meals.
Where one will take again a normal food 6days on 7 with one day of Proteins per week with life (Thursday of preference) And to consume 3 spoons of oats sound per day.

Experience of a Pierre Dunkan dieter:I began the Pierre Dunkan diet with a starting weight of 88.8 kg. When I started I was not convinced to hold a long time (me and the diets! BOF!)
Then more the days passed more and I felt.
Result, my balance posted 83 kg yes!yes! 5.8kg in 12 days.
I am say that this diet had been written for me. I thus held good and today the balance posts 76.1 is soon 13 kilos less in
A little close 5 weeks. As for my general state I feel super good.
My body is not tired, I even manage to make more sport than before, the fact of consuming proteins nourished the muscles.
My skin is firmer than ever even if I add some small massages with well hydrating creams to it.
In short I think that with the proviso of following the program until the phase of definitive stabilization this Program really merits the turning. Thank you Pierre Dukan.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Weight Watcher Diet

Burn Fat Fast article: The Weight Watchers Diet

The Weight Watcher Organization With Its Point Plus Method Is A Real Diet Institition:

Weight Watchers is an international organization which, as its indicates it, gathers members anxious to maintain a weight body for their health and their well-being. This diet evolved during years as research in nutrition advanced and made it possible to make the diet healthier, more varied, more effective and more pleasant. Since its beginning, Weight Watchers also worries to propose a diet which makes it possible not to take again the weight loss.

The Points Plus Method of Weight Watchers:

Each food = a certain number of points = a certain level of energy (its contents in calories and fat).

During the meal, the points of food are added. The total of the day must correspond to a preset value according to the objectives of each one.

This program particularly encourages the use of fruits and vegetables, because several of them count for 0 points and can be consumed at will. The food richer in energies or fat represents more points by portion and must thus be limited to reasonable quantities.

The success of the Weight Watchers diet comes from the fact of respecting an objective: a number of Weight Watchers points not to be exceeded.

In this program, nothing is prohibited; it is simply necessary to count its daily points and to avoid eating too much or too little.

The number of points advised to achieve a given goal depends on several factors, in particular the weight and the sex. Among women, the scale of points goes from 18 points per day for a person of 70 kilos or less, up to 26 points per day for a woman of 100 kilos. To the men the scale goes from 26 points per day for those which weigh 80 kilos or less, up to 34 daily points among Men which make 110 kilos and more.

This total is flexible and authorizes all kinds of strategies. It is possible to save up to four points per day and to then use them at the time of a particular occasion, for instance a party. Conversely, one can gain points and add them to his daily total while practicing a physical activity. The Weight Watchers program thus integrates an essential flexibility into the modern life and supports practice of physical activity without making an obligation of it.

During the loss of weight, it is preferable to stick to the number of points advised according to its sex and its weight. When the objective of weight is achieved, it is necessary to gradually increase the number of daily points until a stabilization. Then, and for the rest of his life, it is necessary to continue to adapt its consumption to its fluctuation of weight. The weight loss program and maintenance of the weight  thus facilitates the acquisition of the good reflexes necessary to the stability of a reasonable weight in the long term.

The Weight Watchers characteristics:
This diet combines:
- A thinness program based on the last research in nutrition, it is thus quite often released
- An weekly accompanying in the form of a meeting monitored by older Weight Wachters members which have achieved their goal of weight
- A counting facility, since instead of counting in calories, one counts in points
- A food not-restriction, each food is authorized on condition that it turns in the daily points.

How it happens with Weight Watchers?
The inscription:After you take your weight, you have to answer to a little application form which takes in account your practice of live and food practices in order to know on how much points your program will be based.At the beginning of the diet:As of all diets, one needs an adaptation period. Weight Watchers propose a lot of books (to buy) and booklets (which are delivered with) in which you will find all nutritional information for the weight loss.Thus, you will have for instance, a practical guide allowing to know the correspondences between many foods from different brands and the numbers which they count.During the diet:Each week, you will have appointment with your coach where all kind of themes are discussed, as well as the difficulties that everyone has got during his week.Take care, each meeting costs in about 10 euros.Before the meeting, you have to take your weight and, and you have the possibility the coach in an individual way.

The advantages of the Weight Watcher diet:
- The meetings allow a good friendly and cordial follow-up
- The program is very simple to follow
- Many light recipes, simple et delicious are offered
- This diet allows a social life and completely normal
- Your family can eat your dishes without any problem

The inconvenients of the Weight Watchers diet:
- The price, that is for the meetings, the inscriptions, books or tools …
- One should not be afraid being in a group
- The range of food choices that we have can put at devil your wish: for instance it is difficult to stop to eat bonbons
- It is necessary to like to cook

Burn fat fast
The food program that Weight Watchers presents today relies on a very simple system.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Michel Montignac Diet

Burn Fat Fast Articles:
This Diet, developped by Michel Montignac, is close to the dissociated diets.

First principle:
To remove food with high index glycemic index (carrot, potatoes, beets...), which cause an insulin secretion stimulating the growth of the fat cells.

Second principle:
Not to associate lipids and glucids or animal proteins and starchy foods, for example, the steak with French fries, and even the French fries alone which combine glucids and lipids. The glucids are consumed only two or three times per week. On the other hand, the proteins and the lipids are consumed at will since they are consumed only. The fruits are authorized apart from the meals and the cereals must be consumed rough (not refined, to reduce the glycemic index).

Montignac menu type:

- Fruit
- Wholewheat bread with lighten margarine
- Decaffeinated coffee
- Skimmed milk

- Avocado with vinaigrette
- Steak with French beans
- Cheese
- nongas Water

- Rauw vegetable or soup (without starchy foods)
- Mushroom omelette
- green Salad
- Milk cheese with 0% fat content

--------------This diet is very effective. Moreover, it does not support, like many diets, the “yo-yo” effect (a quick recovery of weight after the return to a normal food). Lastly, this mode is practicable everywhere and discreetly: with friends as at the restaurant! An ideal method for the businesses women!

------------------The recommended food is sometimes too rich in lipids. On the long term, this diet can affect the cardio vascular system. It is also too low (poor) in glucids, which can support the loss of muscle and tiredness.

I hope you have appreciated the info about the montignac menu diet and the Michel Montignac diet.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The South Beach Diet or the Miami Diet

Burn Fat Fast Article

According to the book "The South Beach Diet" of Dr. Arthur Agatston:

"This diet was developed by a cardialogist, in order to allow his patients to lose weight and to restore their blood parameters. It enables you to eat all kinds of food, of the normal portions of meat, poultry or fish, eggs and vegetables, even some sugar refineries. You can even nibble between the meals. Particularly balanced, this mode is deprived neither of glucids nor of lipids. It will quite simply learn how to you to distinguish good glucids and the good lipids from bad, to choose good food. By changing this manner your practices food, not only you will lose weight, but you will improve your triglyceride and cholesterol levels."

This died is based on the succesion of three phases:

Phase 1: Two weeks

It is the most restrictive.

Authorized food: beef, vollailles without skin, seafood, pig, calf, some lighten cheeses or 0% fat content, certain dry fruits, the eggs, almost all the vegetables, colza and olive oils, the spices, certain dressings, the cocoa powders but not sweetened, the chewing-gum and candies without sugar.

Are prohibited: certain piece of meats (fattiest), all not not lighten cheeses, the beet, the carrot, the sweet potatoes, the corn, the potatoes, all the fruits en fruit juices, all the starchy foods (cereals, breads, rices, pastas,etc.), all dairy product, alcohol, the beer, the win.

This first stage is the most difficult.

The breakfasts are composed, of egg, ham, lighten cheeses and a tea or coffee not sweetened.
Recipes are proposed in indication in the book for all the meals. The important thing is here to respect the authorized and prohihited foods.
One can possibly take collations if the need is felt. The loss of weight during this first phase is supposed outward journey from 4 to 6 kilos according to the person, the principal objective is being to disaccustom to sugar.

Phase 2: To reintroduce prohibited food.

It is necessary to choose what foods one prefers to eat, because in this phase one reintroduces this food gradually, which does not mean that one starts again to eat these foods in abundance!

The loss of weights varies from 500 gr to 1 kg per week.

This phase must be continued until the desired weight is reached.

Phase 3: Much more flexible than phase 2.

Theoretically, it is a question of a hygiene of life to be definitively adopted.

One can eat food very varied in normal quantities.

If some variations are made, it is necessary to pass by again in phase 1 time to let the new kilos set out again.

About the author:
This article was written by Patrick Beaufay, the webmaster of the blog:
http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.com/which contains reliable articles about the Burn the Fat and Feed the muscle Program developped by Tom Venuto:

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