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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Food Advices: And What Is It Necessary To Believe? Part II

Burn Fat Fast article:Burn Fat Fast article: Food Advices: And What Is It Necessary to Believe? Part II

To Eat 5 Fruit And Vegetables Per Day = TRUE
It is necessary indeed, on the whole, to eat 5 fruit and vegetables per day, but with the combination of two fruits and three vegetables.

"the fruits contain sugar", explains Damien Pauquet, nutritionist-dietitian. "There are people who eat six fruits per day and then which is astonished to getting fat, but it is completely normal: they absorb too much sugar.

For a matter of fact, if one pays attention to his weight, it is necessary to limit bananas and grapes, they are the most sweetened fruits. Then, if one consumes too many fruits and too many vegetables also besides, especially very believed, one is extremely likely to have problems with the intestines. And if one eats too many acid fruits, or certain vegetables as the asparagus’s, one will have problems of acidity: that for example will maintain a tendinitis, or will cause heartburn ".

For the rest, the watchword is varied. The ideal in the point of view of Damien Pauquet it is to vary the colors in the plate, because that means each time different properties. Yew is necessary to give to the honor leguminous plants like beans, chick-peas, broad beans..., rich in proteins and excellent for health. Lastly, not to eat anything and any time: the citrus fruits are exciting. One does not eat an orange the evening, nor of kiwi for example. They are fruits of the morning.

It Is Necessary To Eat 3 To 4 Dairy Products Per Day = FALSE
How many dairy produces is it necessary to consume per day to build (or preserve, according to its age) of good bone? With believing of them certain publicity, three to four dairy products per day, but in a moderate way ".

It is difficult to say because they are less proportional than the fruits and vegetables and that they contain various things such as fats. However one should not either exceed a certain caloric intake explains Dr. Nicolas Paquot. "the good message? In consuming each day, but in a moderate way ".

One thus will prefer the ½ skimmed milk than the full-cream milk, and this is quite better to choose for lighted cheeses. Because a cheese with firm paste is quite a true caloric bomb, even if it is rich in calcium. If the dairy produces are useful for health, it is for their contribution out of calcium and vitams D. It takes us each day of it +/- 1 gr.. (1,5 gr. during the pregnancy, the growth, people more than 65 years and the people with the osteo-articular risk), as 400 to 800 UI of vitamin D (both go hand in hand).

For example, a piece (40 gr..) of Saint-Paulin cheese covers 1/5 of our daily needs of calcium. The equivalent with the Parseman cheese covers more than one third. Useless thus to eat 4 portions under penalty of taking some weight (what is dangerous, even with good bones).

It Is Necessary To Drink 1 Wine Glass Per Day = TRUE
Everyone knows the dangers of an excessive alcohol consumption. But some people pretends that the daily consumption of 1 wine glass (even of two...) cannot make twists at the organism. A recent American study advises nevertheless to be limited to 6 or 7 wine glasses per week.

"That depends on various factors", answers Dr. Emmanuel Pinto (University Hospital Center of Liege). For people in good health, such a consumption appears to me indeed without danger. According to various studies, it would have even cardioprotective effects.

But in certain cases, the wine consumption is obviously to proscribe: pregnant woman, diseases...”

If the wine is strongly dis-advised during the pregnancy, it is that the effects of alcohol on the child are numerous: mental delay, malformation...

The nature of the invaluable beverage is of capital importance. The red wine, which contains more phenolic elements, offers more cardio protective qualities that the white wine. This one nevertheless remains much better for health than other alcoholic drinks (beers, spirits...).

To Take An Omega-3 Supplement = FALSE
The Omega-3 supplement (about which nobody had never intended to speak still a few years ago...) flower today on more and more on food which are enriched, and are declined into small pills in pharmacy and within the dietetic shop.

"Before to rush on the food supplements, you have to remember that eating varied and balanced is enough to provide all the necessary benefits", specifies Dr. Nicolas Paquot, diabetologist. "That wants to say to eat fatty fish of the cold seas (tuna, salmon, herring) per week". preferably fresh rather than from the a tin, which is a little fattier. Therefore, not need for additional supplements in Omega-6 (another essential fatty acid that the body does not produce itself, but which is drawn from food).

"the good daily relationship between Omega 3 and Omega 6 is one for five. However let us be we with for 30 even 40", explains the doctor. "Better is worth to consume less vegetable oils (groundnut, sunflower) and to turn to the olive oil, rich in Omega-9". Thus, all our requirements in Omega, good for the prevention of the diseases of the heart, will be filled.

Other Articles Concerning The Fruits In Regards Of The Health:

And Other Article: Food Advices, What Is It Necessary To Belive?:
http://burn-fat-fast.blogspot.com/2008/05/food-advices-and-what-is-it-necessary.html Part I

Burn Fat Fast


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