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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Which are the best plants to stimulate the sexual function?

Burn Fat Fast:  Which are the best plants to stimulate the sexual function?

A question which often returns, namely how to stimulate the sexual function, libido, in a natural way. There are many plants having the reputation to improve the sexual performance and to stimulate the desire. It is necessary however to be conscious that the effect of these plants cannot be compared with the effect of a drug, such as Viagra, for example. The effect of the drug is generally very fast, but also very momentary (ephemeral). The effect of the plant is more subtle and more durable. Moreover, the majority of these plants also have reconstituting properties of the general condition and also have protective effects against the attacks of the stress.
Finally let us mention that there exists very little of in-depth studies on the stimulative properties of the sexual function of these plants, their reputation is mainly based on empiricism and the tradition very often thousand-year-old.
Here is a list of the most popular plants in this field:

Cordyceps is used in China since centuries, mainly to increase longevity.
- It pushes back the threshold of tiredness.
- It increases energy, accentuates the endurance and improves the physical
- It improves the mental functions.
- It supports a faster recovery following the disease.
- It increases the immunizing system effectiveness.
- It fights against premature ageing thanks to its antioxidant action.
- It improves the sexual function.
The studies carried out on more than 1000 men and women showed a tonic effect on the defective sexual functions.

More info on the Cordyceps sexual stimulant on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cordyceps

The tribulus is a plant used in India since millennia. It pushes however a little everywhere in the world.
- It supports the muscular development and increases the force and the physical
- It fights general tiredness.
- It acts favorably on the sexual function.
According to studies practiced in Bulgaria between 1982 and 1983, the extract of tribulus would make increase the rates of various hormonal steroids what could have a favorable effect on the libido and the physical force. Other studies, more recent, carried out researchers of Singapore, showed that the extract of tribulus has positive effects on the sexual behavior of the rats and rabbits.

More info on the Tribulus sexual stimulant on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribulus

The rhodiola is another plant with the adaptogene properties which seems to adapt to all the needs for the organism.
- It attenuates considerably the misdeeds of the stress.
- It accentuates the memory.
- It allows a better recovery following a physical effort.
- It makes it possible to draw more easily from the fat reserves and to use energy necessary to the physical effort.
- It supports a better management of the stress.
- As all the plants adaptogenes it would exert a favorable action on the sexual function.
According to results of a study undertaken in 1987 in Russia near 35 men suffering from erection dysfunction or premature ejaculation, 26 subjects knew a clear improvement of their sexual function thanks to an extract of rhodiola (150 with 200mg per day over 3 months).

More info on the Rhodiola sexual stimulant on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodiola

The maca is a known plant for a long time peasants of the Peruvian high plateaus.
- It fights chronic tiredness.
- It accentuates the physical performances.
- It regularizes hormonal balance at the woman.
- It accentuates the reproductive capacities at the man and the woman.
- It improves the libido either sexual energy just as the erection function of the man.
On the medicinal level, the maca contains tannins, saponins and alkaloids (macamides and macaenes). The maca contains also isothiocyanates and glucosinolates which confer its aphrodisiac and invogoring properties to him, improving the set of the functions of the organism.
The maca, that some do not hesitate to call natural Viagra, acts however in a quite different way. Whereas Viagra takes effect in the very short term and comprises dangerous effects, the maca acts later on thanks to its tonic properties.

More info on the Macca sexual stimulant on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macca

Ashwaganda (ashwagandha withania somnifera):
The ashwaganda has been an Indian plant used for more than 2000 years in ayurvedic medicine. It is also called the Indian ginseng. This plant was also used traditionally as aphrodisiac. One mentions his use in Kama Sutra like stimulant of the sexual function. This plant is especially famous for its reconstituting and adaptogene properties against the effects of the stress.

More info on the Rhodiola sexual stimulant on Wikipedia:

During many years it will have been the plant generally mentioned for sexual strength. It acts mainly of an adaptogene plant, getting a revitalizing action. It is recommended to all the people who miss vitality. It is effective to improve the performances as well physical as intellectual.
The ginseng is also an excellent supplement to fight against tiredness, the depression and the stress. It makes it possible to face the requirements of the modern life, characterized by its rushed rhythm.

More info on the Ginseng sexual stimulant on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginseng

The salsepareille:
Probably not really known for its stimulative action of the sexual function, the salsepareille is however regarded as an aphrodisiac in very many countries (in particular in China, India, Mexico, Argentina).
It would look after the impotence. At the woman it stimulates the production of progesterone and treats the premenstrual syndrome as well as the disorders connected to the menopause, such as the asthenia and the depression.

More info on the salsepareille sexual stimulant on Wikipedia: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salsepareille

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Which are the plants favorable to a good digestion?

Burn Fat Fast article: Which are the plants favorable to a good digestion?
When one thinks of digestion one inevitably thinks of supporting the operation of the stomach, first organ put at contribution at the time of the digestive process. Mint, melissa, French verveine, the camomile (chamomile), cumin, are plants which have a whole favorable effect on digestion, particularly on the level of the stomach.

However, the stomach is only the first stage of the process of digestion. The liver and gall-bladder are strongly put at contribution in this process, particularly for the digestion of the fats and the assimilation of many nutrients contained in food.

Here thus 4 plants particularly recognized for their favorable effect on the digestive process, the operation of the liver and the gall-bladder. These plants also have a beneficial effect on the regulation of glucose blood and the detoxification of the organization.

The horseradish (Raphanus Niger):
It belongs to the same family that the pink radish, but it presents special characteristics. It contains a sulfur heteroside, the glucoraphene, which while being hydrolyzed gives a essence (extract) called isothiocyanate of sulphoraphene. This essence has antibiotic properties.

The horseradish also presents choleretic properties, i.e. which increases the biliary excretion. It acts favorably on the intestine by accentuating the peristaltic movements. This supports the transit of the faeces and makes it possible to fight against the constipation.

The horseradish will be recommended in the problems of bad digestion; of digestion with gas and distensions; of bad evacuation of the saddles (too much liquidates or too dense); in the cases of disturbed sleep and a feeling of tiredness to the alarm clock; of charged and pasty tongue; of bad breath; nauseas; migraines.

More info on the horseradish on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseradish

The artichoke:

It is a well-known food and a famous medicinal plant. It contains a bitter and aromatic crystallized substance: the cynarine. It also contains several enzymes, just as organic acids (succinic, malic, citric, etc.) and of the flavonoïdes.

The artichoke with a choleretic action which is extremely useful in the congestion of the liver, the hepatic insufficiency, the jaundice and the bad digestion of the greasy substances. It is also a re-generator of the hepatic cell.

Because it stimulates biliary secretion, the artichoke also makes it possible to fight against the constipation. Indeed, the bile activates the intestinal peristalsis and ensures a better evacuation of the faeces. It also contributes to decrease a drop in the blood cholesterol level and it presents moreover one diuretic action.

More info on the Artichoke on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artichoke`

The Marie-Thistlee (Chardon-Marie):
The Marie-thistlee contains an active ingredient called silymarine which protects and regenerates the cells of the liver. This plant supports moreover biliary secretion, just as the drainage of the gall-bladder.

The marie-thistle uses advantageously in all the problems and all the situations which relate to the liver. It is the case of the hepatic insufficiency, hepatitis in general, the gallstone, lazy liver, cirrhosis of the liver, just as of alcoholism.

The regenerating action of the marie-thistle on the cells of the liver makes it possible to repair the damage caused with this organ by the many toxic substances which it has to neutralize. The thistle-Marie is the best ally of the liver.

More info on the marie-thistle on Wikipedia: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chardon-Marie
The boldo is the leaf of a shrub of Chile. Like horseradish and artichoke, it has choleretic and cholagogues properties. One finds there essential oils, boldine and flavonic glucosides. All these substances confer to him interesting virtues for the liver, the digestive tract and the genito-urinary apparatus.

More info on the boldo on Wikipedia: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boldo
Plants to good digestion: horseradish, artichoke, thistle-marie, boldo

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Monday, April 21, 2008

To lose weight with the plants

Burn Fat Fast article: To lose weight with the plants:

To eat less and move more:
A person who wants to lose weight has two possibilities which are presented at her. She can choose to eat less. By doing this, she reduces her caloric intake. From these circumstances, her organism must draw from her fat reserves the energy which misses to achieve her activities of every days. The reserves of grease disappear thus gradually.
The other possibility is that which consists in spending more energy by increasing the physical activity. There still the organization must draw from its fat reserves energy necessary to achieve this activity.
Obviously, these two possibilities can be borrowed at the same time. It is besides what is desirable. One reduces the caloric intake somewhat (but not too much if not one is likely to develop nutritional deficiencies) and one makes physical exercise regularly. In this way the slimming (loss of weight) is done healthily. But there is an additional means to lose healthily: it is to resort to the purification action of the plants. These last can act on the intestine, the liver, the kidneys and blood.
What comes to make these organs in the slimming? They play a capital part there. When a person loses weight, it eliminates much from garbage. This garbage comes from the fat cells. They are stored in grease. When this one is mobilized, this garbage is reintroduced in blood circulation and must be eliminated. Here what occurs on the level of each one of these three organs and blood.

To avoid the obstruction of the intestine:
The slightly laxative plants disencumber the intestine of the food which can accumulate there. The person who loses weight must avoid the constipation. The intestinal obstruction adds besides to the weight of the person. The laxative plants such as the bourdaine and senna thus have a great utility.

To help the liver to neutralize toxins:
It is the liver which has to neutralize toxins and the substances undesirable which circulate in blood. This organ thus exerts a capital function among people who lose weight. It is then normal to help the liver. The burdock is a plant which contains in particular phenol acids which support the neutralization and the elimination of toxins on the level of the liver.

To help the kidneys to eliminate garbage:
As soon as the liver neutralized a toxin and that this one is reintroduced in blood, it then rests with the kidneys to eliminate this toxin. The diuretic plants become very useful then. The busserole is an excellent diuretic which supports renal elimination. Mint also contributes to this function.

To purify blood:
There are also plants which act with the way of blood purification. The salsepareille is an example. The burdock also has such properties.
The use of these plants will be a priceless help to reach an healthy weight.

Here are other use of the plants, to lose weight, in the form of aromatic therapy:
Healthy herb teas (herbal tea):
Lever herb tea (herbal tea):
2 pinches of each following plant for a water cup.
To boil water, pour it ebullient on the plants. To let infuse 10 minutes and then filter the liquid. To drink 3 cups per day.

Intestine herb tea (herbal tea):
2 pinches of each following plant for a water cup.
To place the plants in a water cup and to carry to boiling during 30 seconds. To withdraw fire and to let infuse 10 minutes.
To drink 2 cups per day (morning and evening). In the event of very strong constipation to add a pinch of senna after boiling.
The following method is also valid: To swallow each evening a soup spoon of linen seeds with water glass or a teaspoon of psyllium seeds.
This last way brings to you beside one fiber supplement.

Kidney herb tea (herbal tea):
2 pinches of each following plant for a water cup.
Cherry tails

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