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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Milk, good or bad?

Burn Fat Fast article: Is The Milk Good Or Bad?

Here is a question causing the controversy and whose answers will be as varied as the number of people answering!

In France, an article published by the Parisian newspaper starts again the controversy. The article treats of a book published by Thierry Souccar, journalist, editor and biochemist of formation.

In its book Thierry Souccar affirms, scientific studies with the support, that "to eat more than two dairy produces per day can appear harmful for health".

He still specifies: "Originally and genetically, the human being is not made up to consume dairy products. Some among us adapted. Studies show however that 75% of human do not have lactase, this enzyme necessary to digest lactose of milk. The idea is not to occur from dairy produces, but to consume some less. What the dairy industry does not say, it is that one finds also calcium in fresh sardines, almonds, parsley, water or shrimps ".

The official position, according to the declaration of Prof. Serge Hercbert, director of research to Inserm, "this diabolisation of milk can be dangerous: it is more risky not to consume whole of it ". For its part, Prof. Merry Henri, cancer specialist in the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier (France), declares: "that it would be false to say that milk is a carcinogenic product. It is necessary nevertheless to pay attention to the abuses. Three or four dairy products per day, it is too much "It is important to initially make a distinction between milk and what one calls the dairy produces, that means products derived from milk (yogurt and cheeses). It is necessary nevertheless to pay attention to the abuses. Many naturopaths or naturopathes grant a certain place, in small quantity, with dairy produces or preparations containing milk.

Before answering the question if milk should or not be consumed, I wish to draw the attention to the fact that milk is a food and not a drink. It should thus never be consumed at the time of a meal containing of other proteinic food (meats, poultry, fish, nut, broad beans, etc).

Before answering the question if milk should or not be consumed, I wish For the majority of the naturopathes, the consumption of milk is to be proscribed, particularly for the adult. The principal reasons called upon with this prohibition are that milk supports the production of mucus, that the adult does not produce any more lactase, an enzyme necessary to the digestion of milk and that it acts of a food too rich in saturated fats.

In connection with mucus there are however no formal studies to support this charge. But according to the experiment of Doctor J.P. Desmets member of the colleague of the naturopathes of Quebec, the children with the catches with a cold, cough or asthma, see their state worsening when they consume milk, whereas it improves when they cease consuming some.

To give you a more precise idea of the opinions on the advisability of consuming or name of milk, I will mention you hereafter the point of view of some famous doctors or naturopathes .

Dr. Vogel (famous Swiss naturopathe):
"Provided that it is of irreproachable quality, milk constitutes an invaluable food. Being however given the bad health of much of animals which are often reached of tuberculosis, milk is not indicated in all the cases. In arthritis and many serious affections, it is better to avoid diary products completely. "

Dr. Emile Plisnier (homeopathic doctor):
"Milk is a food too much rich. One thus sees immediately that it must be taken, always, with discretion. If not it fatten up the digestive tube at the point to prevent the assimilation of other food materials. Milk contains a lot proteins. For this reason it is the wound of thin dyspeptics to which one recommends it to grow bigger; or of allergic whose temperament agrees badly with this rich food in proteins. The experiment shows that it seldom makes enlarge the thin ones, but tire out almost always. "

Georgia Knap (precursory naturopathe, he inspired work and theories of Martin de Beauce and André Passebecq)
"Milk can be accepted in exceptional circumstances. What is harmful, it is daily absorption during ten, twenty or thirty years of a milk bowl each morning."
Knap recommended to use milk in the following form, named the "Gëorgiade": "Put on soft fire not pasteurized milk and, while it heats, there pour, while stirring up, the following mixture: a half-spoonful of rennet and a spoonful of pure water. When milk reaches 30 to 35 degrees Celsius, move away it from fire and whip hanging it one half-minute, then let put back it for 4 to 5 hours at a temperature of at least 25 degrees Celsius. The draining of the whey must be fast. With this stage you obtained a soft white cheese which you now place in a colander. In 3 or 4 hours casein loses thus almost its lactic acid. There then all while whipping it, add pure water until thick or fluid consistency according to your taste."

Dr. Hazel Parcells (naturopathe, he reaches the worthy age of 106 years)
"milk is one of the food of which we lay out who produces the most mucus. Mucus indicates partially digested food. It is formed in the stomach and is transported in the sinus and nasal cavities to be evacuated. "

Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. (one of the most famous American contemporary doctors, to support the alternative methods)
"the problems of intolerance to lactose constitute a good reason to limit the consumption of milk, but it is certainly not only. The protein of milk, casein, can irritate the immune system and support the production of mucus, which tends in particular, to worsen the problems of allergies, asthma, eczema, bronchitus, of the problems of sinusitis and infections of the ear with the young children."

It is noted, the majority of the naturopathes or doctors observing the rules of care of health respecting the natural laws, advise against the milk consumption, but are not opposed to a frugal consumption of dairy products such as fresh cheese, weak cheeses with natural fats or 100% natural yogurt (the majority of yogurt’s sold today in the shops and supermarkets, do not have any more large-thing to do with a genuine yogurt!).

In ayurvedic medicine, the advisability of drinking or not milk, or of consuming dairy products, will be determined by your "dosha" (i.e. your typology, according to the ayurvedic criteria).

To finish on this subject, I will give in example, the Budwig cream, popularized by famous Dr. Catherine Kousmine, and who is based on a small quantity of soft white cheese.
Note: Here also, some naturopathes criticize the consumption of the Budwig cream. When correctly prepared, this preparation will be salutary with the majority of the people, but as in any thing, there will be exceptions, i.e. more fragile organizations which will have to dissociate the mixture during a certain time, until he can be correctly tolerated.

Another Article About the Milk:
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