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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Michel Montignac Diet

Burn Fat Fast Articles:
This Diet, developped by Michel Montignac, is close to the dissociated diets.

First principle:
To remove food with high index glycemic index (carrot, potatoes, beets...), which cause an insulin secretion stimulating the growth of the fat cells.

Second principle:
Not to associate lipids and glucids or animal proteins and starchy foods, for example, the steak with French fries, and even the French fries alone which combine glucids and lipids. The glucids are consumed only two or three times per week. On the other hand, the proteins and the lipids are consumed at will since they are consumed only. The fruits are authorized apart from the meals and the cereals must be consumed rough (not refined, to reduce the glycemic index).

Montignac menu type:

- Fruit
- Wholewheat bread with lighten margarine
- Decaffeinated coffee
- Skimmed milk

- Avocado with vinaigrette
- Steak with French beans
- Cheese
- nongas Water

- Rauw vegetable or soup (without starchy foods)
- Mushroom omelette
- green Salad
- Milk cheese with 0% fat content

--------------This diet is very effective. Moreover, it does not support, like many diets, the “yo-yo” effect (a quick recovery of weight after the return to a normal food). Lastly, this mode is practicable everywhere and discreetly: with friends as at the restaurant! An ideal method for the businesses women!

------------------The recommended food is sometimes too rich in lipids. On the long term, this diet can affect the cardio vascular system. It is also too low (poor) in glucids, which can support the loss of muscle and tiredness.

I hope you have appreciated the info about the montignac menu diet and the Michel Montignac diet.

Burn Fat Fast

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