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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hoodia gordinii, a Natural hunger-Cutter !!!

Burn Fat Fast Article:

Is Hoodia Gordinii A Natural hunger-Cutter?
 In any event, it is necessary to eat to live. It is essential to consume fruits, vegetables, cereals, proteins, essential fats … The hunger-cuts act on the hypotalamus which control hunger. Then if one plays with the hypotalamus, they is dangerous to destabilize it whereas it is necessary to make the opposite to lose. The day you will stop taking hunger-cuts you will not be able to control your desires of nibbling and you will take weight again.

Here is an article on this plant.

Hoodia gordinii is a species of succulent plant belonging to the Hoodia kind of the family of Apocynaceae , originating in the Kalahari desert.

Hoodia gordinii is known to be a cut-hunger naturalness consumed in particular by the Sans of Namibia.

For the moment and without scienticic validation, the consumption of nutrient containing powder of Hoodia to fight against the obesity is discussed.

1. Description
2. Surface of distribution
3. History of the Hoodia gordinii
4 Clinical study
5. Operating mode of the P57 molecule
6. Hoodia and marketing

1. Description:

It is approximately a 50 cm high thorny succulent plant, having the appearance of a cactus, with decorated angular stems of regular lines of brown spines.

The flowers, from 80 to 100 mms in diameter, have a corolla welded with the lobes, of a color clear crimson.

2. Surface of distribution:

This species is originating in Southern Africa: Southern Africa known (the free orange State, Ape Province) and Namibia.

It is a rare and protected plant (registered since January 2005 with appendix II of QUOTE like all the species of the Hoodia kind).

3. History of the Hoodia gordinii:

The use of Hoodia gordinii by the indigenous population of South Africa is known for a long time. Hoodia is mainly used there as drug against the indigestion and the small infections. The hunters which leave in hunting far from the village for long voyages also use them as hunger-cut since thousands of years.

It is however only in years 1960 that the council for the scientific and industrial search for South Africa (CSIR) began the studies. After 30 years of research, the P57 molecule was isolated and, in 2001, the CSIR finally conceded the right of development of the molecule and the startup of a durable system production with the English company Phytopharm in exchange of royalties for the bushmen of the San Tribe at the origin of the discovered plant.

In parallel, the South African government decided to protect Hoodia gordinii which is a rare plant. In October 2004, the CITES (convention on international Trade Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) reinforced the protection of Hoodia Gordinii by adding that it could not be exported as a slimming product and that only remained authorized the scientific exchanges towards the collections or constitute herbaria.

4. Clinical study:

In 2001, Phytopharm made a clinical study as a double blind. The participants in the study were divided into two groups: a group received the P57 molecule and the other group received a placebo. The two groups continued their usual life.

The P57 group saw a significant fall of its overweight. The P57 group significantly decreased its daily contribution in calories (1000 calories less per day that the reference group) without secondary effect.

5. Operating mode of the P57 molecule:

When one eats, the rate of glycemia increases and the brain is informed and emits a signal of satiety. Hoodia Gordinii contains a molecule 10,000 times more active than the glucose. The signal thus arrives immediately at the brain and cut the desire for eating.

With the difference of the ephedrin which makes it possible more quickly to burn its calories but which has potentially dangerous secondary effects, Hoodia Gordinii acts like a secondary lure without secondary effect and without putting the organization in a situation of overheating.

The results, Phytopharm then joined by the Pfizer giant to develop and market Hoodia but Pfizer on a worldwide scale din not succeed in synthesizing the molecule and considering that the product was not exploitable in an industrial way, research in 2002 and gave up. Indeed, only Hoodia pushing in its area of origin contains the active molecule. Test of culture in other areas di not give anything. Moreover, only the flesh of fresh Hoodia would be efficace which will prevent any tablets manufacturer.

In December 2004, Unilever all the same assigned an agreement with Phytopharm to resume the studies on Hoodia Gordinii and to integrate it into its diet products as from 2008.

6. Hoodia and marketing:

In November 2001, chain Ameican CBS diffused documentary completely devoted to Hoodia gordinii in his most popular programme 60 minutes. The journalits tested the product there and explained that following the absorption of a little Hoodia (quantity of a half-bababa), it was not any more hungry of the whole during the 24 hours which followed.

Many companies recently benefitted from the media beating made around Hoodia gordinii by offering supposed products which contains the famous molecule but, after analysis, they are that majority of these products does not contain any trace of Hoodia gordonii, generally it was other species of Hoodia not containing the active ingredient but making possible to indicate on limps in all legality contains Hoodia. Moreover, it would seem that that only the consumption of Hoodia gordinii fresh makes it possible to profit from its action cuts hunger. In this case, a tablet even manufactured with truth Hoodia gordinii would not have any effect.

Burn Fat Fast

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